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Market Talk

Jan 31, 2024

Markets are mixed to lower on Wednesday as traders are seemingly taking back some of Tuesday's gains in the markets. We take a look at grains, livestock and the outside markets at midweek with Arlan Suderman from StoneX.

Jan 30, 2024

It's Turnaround Tuesday!!! Solid gains across the grain and livestock trade on Tuesday as we near the end of the month of January. Is this a short term rally because of oversold markets or the start of something more? Hard to say but we still discuss that and get perspective today with Jacob Burks from

Jan 29, 2024

Grain and livestock markets finished Monday mostly under pressure as there were just too many headwinds in front of the market trade to start the week. We discuss lack of demand, all of the headwinds in front of these markets and more with John Heinberg from Total Farm Marketing. Learn more online by visiting

Jan 29, 2024

Markets were trading mixed to lower at midday on Monday with plenty of headwinds in terms of Chinese economic worries, geopolitical risks and more. Arlan Suderman from StoneX joins us to provide market analysis and perspective to start the week.

Jan 26, 2024

As we wrapped up the week of trade on Friday, we saw grains push their way lower to end the week with a dud. We get market perspectives and discuss the old adage of low prices cure low prices and more with Naomi Blohm, Senior Market Advisor at Total Farm Marketing. Learn more at