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Market Talk

Aug 29, 2022

We are on the road to Farm Progress Show this week in Boone, IA! We'll be broadcasting live from the show all three days so definitely say hi if you are there and see us out and about!

On Monday, wheat and corn led to the upside as corn sees declining yield ideas and wheat found fund buying and algo trading strength after the dollar came off it's new highs this morning. Soybeans on the other hand took the brunt of the corn/bean spread trade and moved lower today. In segment one we talk market moves with Arlan Suderman of StoneX from our Midday Commentary.

Then in segment two we take a look at the weather for the week ahead, some rainfall over the weekend in the heart of the Corn Belt and will La Nina be sticking around? Eric Snodgrass of Nutrien has the details.

In segment three we dive deeper into Monday's market trade action with John Heinberg of Total Farm Marketing. Learn more online at

Then, Jesse Allen wraps it all up and looks at some news headlines for the show today. It's all brought to you by Growmark/FS; learn more at