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Market Talk

Feb 23, 2024

As we wrapped up another bearish week of grain trade we saw the spot March corn contract put a $3 handle on the board Friday and it finished the session with one. We get perspective on the market action, what it might take to pull these markets back higher and more with Jim Emter from Van Ahn & Company on today's show. Learn more at

Plus, the Cattle on Feed report is out and some of the numbers were a little bit off the pre-report expectations. We discuss what it could mean and get some thoughts on the grain markets with Matthew Bresnahan from Blue Line Futures. Learn more online at

And in Segment One, we hear comments on the market action on Friday with Ryan Moe from StoneX. He joined us for our Midday Commentary on Friday. Plus, we have more reaction to this week's EPA decision on E-15 gasoline in news headlines.